Your ferocious prey is on the move, and its heading your way in this newest trailer for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate.

Capcom has posted its E3 trailer for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate a little early, but when you're fighting creatures of this magnitude, you're going to need as much time as you can get. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate adds in some much needed changes to the control schemes of the franchise. In particular, your character feels less like a tank and seems more agile. Players can actually grab and hold onto monsters to keep attacking, as well as be able to slash while in midair.

As always, the series' repertoire of ginormous weapons are all returning, along with the new Charge Axe and Insect Rod. The biggest surprise comes in the fact that Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate will have fully integrated online multiplayer action, which is something we've been awaiting for a long time. Even better, those atrocious underwater sequences from Monster Hunter 3 are all gone.

Prepare to choose your giant weapon and carve up some bones when Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate joins the hunt in early 2015 on the Nintendo 3DS.