Mondo has made some iconic television show and movie posters in the past, but this Sunset Overdrive piece might be its magnum opus of video game goodness.

Entertainment Weekly has unveiled Matt Taylor's epic poster for Sunset Overdrive. This Mondo poster depicts the protagonist of Sunset Overdrive walking away from an explosion with the corpses of energy drink-created mutants at his feet and the game's NPC characters behind him. This poster will be available exclusively at Mondo's booth throughout the duration of San Diego Comic-Con 2014. You can get this poster at booth 835 when Comic-Con starts on July 24. Unfortunately, we're unsure whether or not this poster will be available for online orders. Insomniac Games previously worked with Mondo and the famous 'Star Wars' artist, Olly Moss, for the box art of Resistance 3.

Sunset Overdrive will be launching on Oct. 28 exclusively for Xbox One.

sunset overdrive
Mondo / Entertainment Weekly

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