The opening cinematic of Sunset Overdrive made a showing at RTX this past weekend, all while Insomniac Games teased that a new Xbox One model could be bundled with this free-roaming shooter.

The cinematic intro to Sunset Overdrive features everything that we were expecting: attitude, style, energy drinks, monsters and one unlucky soul who has to deal with it all. Taking place in Sunset City, the Fizzco corporation decides to host a party to test out its latest energy drink, Overcharge Delirium XT.

As everyone is partying it up and downing more and more energy drinks, the protagonist of Sunset Overdrive is pushing a trash cart through the crowds, collecting crumpled cans as he proceeds to a recycling area. Of course, the words "dead-end job" are painted on the wall above him as he prepares to empty his cart and do another round. All of a sudden, a sick partygoer starts vomiting on the protagonist. The person then changes into a energy drink-filled monstrosity before the protagonist's eyes, starting to give chase with other mutants in tow. The character ends up on a rooftop, witnessing the carnage all throughout the entire city, with many explosions throughout the sky forming the words "apocalypse." 17 days later, your character is stuck within a city-wide quarantine and must try to escape the hordes of energy drink-fueled mutants.

At a Q&A session with Insomniac Games at RTX 2014 in Austin, Texas, it was teased that there could be a special Xbox One system color in the works to be bundled with Sunset Overdrive, according to NeoGAF users. During Twitch's coverage of the event (provided below), at the 22:02:00 mark, a fan of Sunset Overdrive asked about a special Xbox One in the works for the game's release.

Question: "This game looks amazing and I pretty much know I'm going to be buying an Xbox One for this game so do you know by any chance if there will be an Xbox One skin -- special edition type thing?"


Insomniac: "Stayed tuned!"

Sunset Overdrive's system exclusivity makes it an optimal choice to have its own special Xbox One console. Titanfall was able to be bundled with a special edition Xbox One that was black, orange and white. Sunset Overdrive has a very orange theme when it comes to its monsters and energy drinks, so we're hoping that the system could look like it was actually endorsed by Overcharge Delirium XT, but who knows what could be in the works based on Insomniac Games' tease at RTX 2014.

Energy drinks become even more bad for your health once Sunset Overdrive launches on Oct. 28 exclusively for Xbox One.

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