Amatuer pixel pushers everywhere can rejoice, there will soon be a new update for Minecraft: Pocket Edition!

The 0.5.0 update will address a number of things, adding several pixelated bells and whistles, including new features, tweaks, and bug fixes. The new version will significantly polish up Minecraft: PE, which was last updated in mid September.

The bug fixes address all kinds of problems, taking care of everything from small details like sound issues, to players finding themselves flying out of the world entirely. Mojang has already submitted Minecraft: PE and anticipates that it will hit the App Store in the middle of November.

Here is the list of new features coming with the 0.5.0 update:

New features:
Mushroom farming
Zombie pigmen
Nether Reactor

For the complete list of all the changes, head on over to the Mojang website. Click if you want to pick up Minecraft: Pocket Edition for your iPhone & iPad!