Negative criticism to the amount of skin that Mobius Final Fantasy's protagonist, Wal, is showing has led to Square Enix covering him up, unless the fans ask for more.

The protagonist of Mobius Final Fantasy has a rather unorthodox character design, and that's coming from the company that brought us Wakka's hair, Tidus' suspenders and a karate master who can suplex a Phantom Train. The Onion Knight outfit for Wal is loosely inspired by the kind of default outfits that we saw in Final Fantasy XI, but with a bit more skin showing. The character's outfit covers the center of his chest, with his back, obliques, hips and side-butt on display, making it obvious that he's either going commando or just wearing a jockstrap (maybe they should have named him Wang instead of Wal). According to Destructoid, Square Enix's recent video presentation of the game (starting around the 7:30 mark in the video above) shows that Wal's designs have been changed to something a bit more conventional. In Final Fantasy Tactics and X-2 fashion (or lack thereof in this case), Wal's outfit will change based on his job class. Here's to hoping that he's wearing more than just a floppy hat and a belt for his Black Mage outfit.

Square Enix

"We looked at the various reactions we were getting online, and in the end, showing this much skin," producer Yoshinori Kitase said. "It’s kind of sexy," co-host Asuna responsed. "A little too sexy."

Kitase added that Mobius Final Fantasy's project lead Haoki Hamaguchi and producer Hiroki Okayama helped rule that they wanted this look, as his skin reflects the Onion Knight's lack of a dedicated outfit or role. Unfortunately, Wal's fugly back tattoo must remain, as it plays a role in the game's story. He also has Tribal-esque tattoos on his arms and wrists. I say we vote to change the back tat. Maybe not to something Brock Lesnar-like, but something a lot better than what Wal has now. They might as well should make it a butterfly at the base of his spine.

"If enough people say they like those hiplines, then we might bring the original costume back," Kitase concluded.

Mobius Final Fantasy will be hitting mobile devices in Japan this spring. While a Western release has not been announced, we have a feeling we'll see it on iOS and Android formats later this year or in early 2016.