2K Sports is bringing the Perfect Game Challenge back this year, though the contest is seeing a bit of a new format in light of last year's troubles.

At first it wasn't clear 2K Sports would be releasing another MLB game, as the exclusive license had expired. Fortunately for everyone, MLB 2K13 is coming out on March 5th. The annual Perfect Game Challenge will return as well, though with a slightly tweaked format. Now, there will be one winner per team, with the top four pitchers headed to NYC for a battle for the crown and $250,000.

This is much different from years past, where top players battled it out for a $1 million prize. Much was made of the controversy surrounding the Perfect Game Challenge winners last year, and just how many of them exploited a glitch to make it all the way to the final round. That shouldn't be an issue this year, but you never know.

You can check out a brief video detailing the contest below, and let us know if you think there will be any perfect games in the real MLB in 2013 in the comments.