When we think of the holidays here at Arcade Sushi, we think of one thing and one thing only -- tiny racing cars! Nothing says Happy Holidays like miniature speed demons tearing around a race track. So it's a good thing that The Binary Mill has put Mini Motor Racing on sale! That's why it's our Free App of the Day!

Mini Motor Racing is a remote-controlled car fun fest that will challenge you to keep up. The cars in the game are equipped with nitro-boosts, so those little engines will definitely be put through their paces. You're able to play multiplayer against fellow small car fanatics as well!

There's tons of content here to enjoy, with lots of cars and tracks to master. Mini Motor Racing has also been well reviewed, so you're not just getting a mediocre title here. This really is a good deal and a great opportunity to pick up a quality title for free!

So get Mini Motor Racing for your iPhone & iPad now before the price goes back up!