Current-gen block builders who were thinking about making the jump to play Minecraft on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One can breathe a sigh of relief now that save-transferring has been confirmed.

Minecraft players on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 are going to have the ability to transfer their current-gen saves over to their corresponding next-gen console. This means that an Xbox 360 player will be able to continue their ventures in Minecraft on the Xbox One and the same goes for PlayStation 3 gamers who would like to play the game on PS4.

Phil Spencer, head of Xbox and Microsoft Studios, has tweeted the following in order to confirm this feature for the Xbox consoles:

Similarly, a post by Owen Hill of Mojang on the PlayStation Blog announces a similar feature for Sony's consoles as well. Hill's blog post confirms that a physical version of Minecraft will be made available on May 14 for PlayStation 3. Below the blog post, a commentor asked if PS3 users would be able to transfer their worlds over to the PS4 or PS Vita versions of Minecraft.

"The plan is to enable users to transfer from PS3 to PS4. We’re still working out how it’ll work with the Vita version," Hill replied.

Minecraft is expected to hit PlayStation 4 and Vita before September. We are expecting a similar launch window for the Xbox One version.