Minecraft has partnered with BBC Earth to release a new world inspired by ‘Planet Earth III’.

The fan-favourite building and exploration game received a new update on 16 January called ‘Planet Earth III Minecraft World’ that will allow players to explore immersive landscapes whilst learning about animals and biomes that are inspired by the BBC series.

In a statement, 'Minecraft Education’ Director of Learning Experiences Justin Edwards said: “‘Minecraft Education’ is delighted to extend our partnership with BBC Earth, building on our work in ‘Frozen Planet II’. The new experience of the natural world in ‘Planet Earth III’ brings us closer to the animals and their surrounding environment. In this world, you will learn about animals from different continents, across sea, sky, and land, and how they survive and thrive.”

The company also emphasised that players have the freedom to choose their biomes and study the wildlife, complete with specifically-tailored activities that will immerse gamers in the natural world.

‘Planet Earth III’ series producer Matt Brandon said: “We are delighted to partner with Minecraft Education and that children globally will have the opportunity to interact with stories inspired by the Planet Earth III series through immersive gameplay while learning more about our fragile natural world and the creatures we share this planet with.”

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