Better to just come out and say it now. Sorry, but The Blockheads is not a beat 'em up game featuring Charlie Brown and the rest of the Peanuts characters (though it really should be - they were a gang after all). Instead, it's a new game from Majik Jungle's David Frampton, who seems to be taking a page from the Minecraft playbook. So hey, it's not all bad!

Frampton's creation is called The Blockheads. From what we can tell so far after browsing around the website for the game a bit, the upcoming title is a 2D sandbox game that will feature lots of exploration, randomly generated elements and building things. Sounds pretty Minecraft-y, right?

"It wasn't my intention to make a Minecraft-like game," said Frampton in an interview with Pocket Gamer. "When I first started on The Blockheads, I intended it to be a game about evolution. Later, I decided to base it on people instead of animals so they could interact more with the world. And as a result, it drifted more towards Minecraft."

Based on people, eh? Sounds to us like this title might end up being the offspring of a mating between Minecraft and The Sims. We will soon be able to find out, as The Blockheads is slated for a release next week on January 10th. Better yet, you will be able to snag it as a free download for iPhone and iPad.

We think this one might have the goods. For one, we're pretty sure that there's not many games out there getting the most out of the Pizzicato from Sylvia. But hey, it's hard to go wrong with well-placed classical music. Kudos, Blockheads.