Mojang has announced that its annual convention celebrating all things Minecraft, Minecon, has been cancelled for 2014, returning sometime near year in the U.K.

It looks like Mojang had to take a year off and farm some more resources to get Minecon up and running, Polygon reports. Mojang has officially announced the cancellation of this year's Minecon, but mentioned that it will likely be returning in the spring of 2015.

"I’ve been getting a lot of questions about MINECON lately, because before this time last year everyone knew the date and location and ticket info for MINECON 2013," said Vu Bui, Mojang's Chief Operating Officer. "While we don’t have a set date for the next MINECON just yet, I wanted to let everyone know that it won’t be until some time in 2015. I’m shooting to have it in the spring in London!

Bui mentions his company will officially announce Minecon 2015 once they have a signed contract for the venue. The first Minecon was held in Las Vegas in 2010. The following year, Minecon took place in Vegas as well. Minecon 2012 was held in Paris, and it went to Orlando, FL in 2013. Minecon 2013 had over 7,500 attendees, which is impressive compared to the 50 people in attendance at Minecon 2010.