The highly anticipated live-action Halo project has reportedly gotten its first actor.

The Wrap reports that inside sources claim Mike Colter is going to be starring in Sergio Mimica-Gezzan's live-action Halo project. Colter is likely to be remembered for his roles in 'Million Dollar Baby,' where he played boxer Big Willie Little, and the ending of 'Men in Black 3,' starring as Colonel James Darrell Edwards. A majority of Colter's work stems from guest appearances on television shows like 'ER,' 'The Parkers,' 'Law & Order: Trial by Jury,' 'American Horror Story: Coven' and 'Ringer.'

While representatives for Mike Colter, 343 Industries, Mimica-Gezzan or Scott Free Productions have yet to make any formal announcements, we're still hopeful that Colter is part of the project's cast. The digital feature was written by 'Prison Break' creator Paul Scheuring, and will have Sergio Mimica-Gezzan directing. Ridley Scott and David Zucker are going to both be executive producers on the project as well.

The Wrap claims that Colter is likely to play Marlowe, a Spartan who is conflicted by the way of life he and his fellow Spartans must live by in their barracks-like structure. Similar to 'Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn,' the feature is following secondary characters in the Halo-verse and will not be focused on Master Chief. It could be possible that Marlowe is on the Infinity ship where Master Chief was last seen during the ending of Halo 4.