Is Microsoft working on a new IP? According to a recent trademark application, signs point to yes.

Gamespot has picked up a curious new trademark application by Microsoft for the title Glacier Blast. The trademark covers game software and all of its offshoots, which means Microsoft is likely looking to create some sort of new IP. To further solidify this evidence, Microsoft has picked up the domain name Microsoft has not yet commented on this new title.

Even stranger is that Microsoft has filed a second trademark application, once again covering game software, for a title called Marlow Briggs. While we could speculate that Glacier Blast is some sort of casual tech demo type game for the Durango, just by hearing its title, we have absolutely no idea what Marlow Briggs is supposed to be.

Microsoft has promised quite a few reveals for this year’s E3. Perhaps Glacier Blast is one of them? We will bring you more information about the new IP as it becomes available.