Microsoft will apparently have its IllumiRoom coffee table projector on hand at CHI 2013, as a new video shows off possible next generation capabilities of the experimental device.

First unveiled at CES 2013, IllumiRoom is a new mini-projector developed by Microsoft that enhances what's happening on your television by surrounding it with projected light. The Verge uncovered new details about the peripheral, which is believed to be a major component of Microsoft's next generation console.

As you can see in the demo video below, the projector has a great many capabilities, including expanding the visual space of the game or movie you're currently enjoying, or adding projected effects to the periphery based on what's happening on your television screen. Still in prototype form, the IllumiRoom uses a Kinect attached to the projector to ascertain the room's geometry, which is then calibrated by the projector to provide the best possible display.

Microsoft frequently calls the IllumiRoom's projections illusions, as the projector can not only be used to expand the visual space, but also to make it appear as if the room is reacting to the game. In addition to a starfield or snow effects, IllumiRoom can also expand to allow game objects to appear to fall out of the television onto the living room floor.

More concrete details about IllumiRoom are expected to come this week during CHI 2013. There's also a chance the projector could be part of Microsoft's May 21st next generation console reveal, though it's still not clear if IllumiRoom is 100 percent part of the company's console plans.

Check out the demo video below, and let us know what you think of IllumiRoom in the comments.