It seems that Microsoft's Entertainment & Devices Divison has a pretty good fiscal quarter. They reported a 56% increase in revenue over last year. When you're talking in billions of dollars, that is quite a bit.

It was reported that the EDD generated a total revenue of $2.53 billion which is almost a cool billion over what they made the previous year. Even though the division includes the Surface, it didn't blue screen of death the total sales numbers. Console sales have slowed across the board, and the Xbox 360 did see a significant decline. But the good news is that Xbox Live memberships grew. Now there is around 46 million people for you to scream at over multiplayer. Revenue from the XBLA is also on the rise. Seems to be proof that digital distribution is gaining some ground on the console market.

The total operating income for the quarter was $342 million, which was a full $100 million more than the same time last year. Not bad for a console ending the span of its life.