Microsoft is planning to implement its AI technology into video games.

According to Windows Central, the tech company had shown off at the Microsoft Surface and Windows AI event how its Copilot AI could act as a user guide in a number of programmes, including video games. Now, Microsoft has released two demonstrations of the algorithm at work in 'Minecraft'.

In the first video released to X, the AI notices the player needs assistance in crafting a sword, and begins to make suggestions as to how to obtain the necessary resources to create the weapon.

The second clip shows the algorithm giving the player – who is being chased by a zombie – a warning to escape the pursuer.

The AI says: "Run! You need to get away from it fast. Either sprint away or quickly build a tower of blocks straight up to get out of its reach."

Microsoft's AI CEO Mustafa Suleyman emphasised the company was "taking Copilot to the next level" through its video game implementation.

On X, he penned: "Copilot will see, hear, speak and help in real time."

In a follow-up post, he added: "Real personality. Effortless interactions. The ability to see what we see. I've long argued that AIs with EQ, IQ and AQ are coming. Here's the first real glimpse of what it's gonna feel like.

"It's a magical experience: smart, intuitive, natural, and useful."

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