Prepare for all sorts of pics straight from the battlefield of Metal Gear Online. Also, Hideo Kojima's shirt at The Game Awards 2014 may have teased The Phantom Pain's release date.

Kotaku reports that fans were savvy to the apparel of Metal Gear guru Hideo Kojima at The Game Awards 2014 this past weekend, which may have hinted the release date of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. While Kojima's coat covered part of the text on his shirt, the words seem to be written in Swedish, which isn't a surprise because some of P.T.'s secrets (Kojima's Playable Teaser for Silent Hills) were done in the same language. Also, some of the earlier hints of The Phantom Pain being the fifth Metal Gear Solid title were done in Swedish as well.

Reddit user zWeApOnz claims that the shirt reads "tjugoandra den sjätte," Swedish for "twenty-second" and "sixth." 22-6, which means June 22, presumably of 2015. This is obviously all speculation until Konami officially announces a release date. Of course, this could also be a teased release date for Silent Hills, which Kojima is collaborating on with horror and fantasy writer/director Guillermo del Toro. That seems pretty unlikely though given how Silent Hills was only announced a few months ago.

As of now, there is still no official release date in sight for Silent Hills or Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. In the meantime, check out these new screenshots for Metal Gear Online, featuring Snake, decoy dogs and all kinds of mayhem.

It's all about David Hayter's voice work:

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