Better pop open your Energy Tank piggy bank, because Capcom is taking pre-orders for a full-size replica Mega Man helmet.

Dr. Light's headgear for Rock is available for all in the form of this wearable Mega Man helmet Capcom has started taking pre-orders for on its online store. This head accessory will protect your dome against energy blasts from Dr. Wily's robot masters and features an ABS plastic with a high polish finish. It also has authentic proportions, awesome details and working LED lights. Even if you have a huge cranium, the helmet's clamshell hinge lets you open the helmet so you can place your head in its padded interior for a solid fit. Whether you want to wear it around the house, out in public or display it on your desk/mantle, this is a Mega Man accessory you're going to need. If only there was a red, robotic dog we could buy as well...

You can pre-order the Mega Man helmet now at Capcom's official online store for $150. The Blue Bomber headpiece will launch this winter. Capcom is also working on the Mega Man Legacy Collection for PC, Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, which features Mega Man 1-6 (but not 7-10 for some odd reason despite the last anthology having more titles).

Don't forget that an awesome Mega Buster replica was recently released that is the perfect companion piece for the Mega Man helmet:

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