So how much does Capcom love its franchise stand out Mega Man? The company is developing a special edition Ultrabook PC for the blue bomber, and they want fans to play a hand in its final design.

Users can vote on a poll once a day, as they determine if they want Rockman, Roll-chan, Dr. Wily, or Mega Man to decorate their notebook computer. Two more polls regarding the Ultrabook project will surface in the coming weeks. Once the votes are in and the laptop's design is determined, fans can pre-order the notebook computer starting March 29th, with shipping of the product starting in July.

The Mega Man Ultrabook contains an anti-glare LCD screen, is 19mm thin, and runs on a third generation processor.  Since the laptops are being developed in Japan, we're guessing these notebook computers will cost a pretty penny.

Would you pay top dollar for a Mega Man laptop, or is this Capcom idea absolutely horrible? Tell us what you think!