The Blue Bomber is back with an all new game to celebrate the franchise's 25th anniversary. What's so special about this one? He'll be facing off against fellow Capcom stars from the Street Fighter series in Street Fighter X Mega Man.

It's not the first time Mega Man has battled against any of the Street Fighters, but it'll be the first time that he'll have home-field advantage. He'll be dodging Hadokens and Kikou-Shous left and right in 8-bit action after battling through levels to take on the Street Fighters as boss characters.

The absolute best part of this release is that the game will be completely free of charge! The catch? It will only be available on PC. Still, this is a pretty cool way to ring in the 25th Anniversary of Mega Man while also finishing out Street Fighter's 25th in style. Apparently this was a collaboration between Capcom and fans, so it's pretty awesome to see fan-made creations being supported by a big company. Kudos to Capcom for listening to the gamers and for offering this delicious slice of gaming gold for free.

The game will be available on the Capcom-Unity site on December 17, 2012. In the meantime, check out the trailer below and tell us your thoughts about this celebratory mash-up. And here's to hoping that Guile's Theme will play throughout at least one full level.