There are quite a few app games that require you to move your iPhone/iPad any which way in order to play, but after awhile that can become overly frustrating or tiresome. While some of the controls in Mega Jump 2 are a little too sensitive, it still doesn't stop the app from being bouncy good fun for all.

If you're at all familiar with the first Mega Jump, then you'll become a pro with the sequel. If you're unfamiliar with the original iPhone game, it centers on a group of cuddly little monsters who try to collect enough coins to jump up even higher in their current environment. The more coins the creatures grab, the longer they can stay up in the air. There isn't much of a story to either Mega Jump game, other than to achieve as many points and coins as possible through each run. If you're wondering how the level system works in Mega Jump 2, there isn't any. Each time you click play, you're thrown into a number of random environments. The only real purpose of the game is to boost your high score and try to beat your friends who may be playing along with you on their own devices.

As you continue on each adventure, Mega Jump 2 reveals bonuses that your colorful little creature can jump to. The best one is the mystery present box. There can be a number of things inside it, from 100 coins to a random jump boost. Don't worry, this isn't the only time you can get your hands on some cool little boosts, which definitely help you gain an advantage over your friends on the game and help you gain higher scores, but it's not easy to get these beauties. Thanks to the overly sensitive controls, and the speed that your monster may be going through, you won't be able to get them all but you will get lucky and grab a couple. It all depends on how fast you can tilt the phone when you see one of those glowing boosts coming up overhead your monster. My favorite is the magnet, which helps you draw in all coins and tokens near you for a few seconds.

Now you can go ahead and "cheat," meaning buy the boosts or other monsters that you would want to play, but that's going to cost you. The expenses for buying coins or the little monsters can range from a couple of bucks to near 30 just with one click. If you have enough patience to wait and gain enough coins in the game to buy said items, then that's the better way to go. However, if you have plenty of money to burn, then go ahead and buy the additional items.

After a certain amount time spent playing, you're introduced to Adventures, which are the equivalent of levels in Mega Jump 2. If you're able to mark off each portion of this to-do list, then you're given a number of prizes, from coins to mystery boxes. If you're the person who wants to get through an Adventure a lot quicker, you have the option of buying one in the store, which I don't recommend. There's nothing fun in purchasing the Adventures, only because it takes away from your game time.

The music in Mega Jump 2 is rather simplistic, but loops so many times it becomes ingrained in your brain. The cute tunes will more than likely be echoing in your head after one session of playing Mega Jump 2, and that's a clever tactic on the developer's part. The music reminds you of the game, makes you want to play more and continues this seemingly never-ending cycle of gameplay that could eat up hours of your time. The graphics of Mega Jump 2 are far superior compared to other similar iPhone games. In some ways, the character movement in Mega Jump 2 makes the creatures look nearly three-dimensional, which blends perfectly with the bright colors seeped into every aspect of this game. There isn't any unnecessary lag in gameplay or poor designs that make Mega Jump 2 look cheap. In fact, it's incredibly well-done considering it's available for free in the App store.

Mega Jump 2 has some fantastic graphics and addictive gameplay to start, but that's not all that can keep you interested in playing for hours on end. There are so many Adventures, boosts and creatures to get your hands on during gameplay that unlocking those achievements alone will eat up hours of your time.

App Store Link: Mega Jump 2 for iPhone & iPad | By Get Set Games Inc. | Price: Free | Version: 1.0.1 | 63.1 MB | Rating: 4+

7.5 out of 10 arcade sushi rating