Cortana might be out of the picture, but Master Chief has moved on to new friends (and a new studio), and has dumped ice water over their heads as 343 Industries takes the ALS Association's Ice Bucket Challenge.

Bonnie Ross and her team at 343 Industries have participated in the Ice Bucket Challenge with a little help from their Halo series' frontman, Master Chief. The team took the challenge instead of Master Chief, who was originally nominated by Digital Extremes. Digital Extremes made a video (seen below), where their Corpus characters from Warframe took their buckets of ice water and challenged Master Chief, Destiny's Ghost and Borderlands' Claptrap. Digital Extremes also donated $10,000 to the ALS Association.

The head execs at 343 Industries, Bonnie Ross, Kiki Wolfkill, Dan Ayoub and Josh Holmes each donated and took ice buckets from Master Chief in the video.

In the end, they nominated Steve Downs (Master Chief's voice actor), Jen Taylor (Cortana), Pete Parsons of Bungie and Dan Greenwalt of Turn 10 Studios.