The upcoming 'Marvel's Wolverine' PS5 game will be set in the same universe as 'Marvel's Spider-Man' games.

'Marvel's Spider-Man 2' director Brian Intihar has revealed the reason they didn't feature Wolverine in the Spidey game is because they wanted to wait for the mutant to have his own "thing".

However, the upcoming game will still be in the same world as the Spider-Man games.

Appearing on the 'Kinda Funny' podcast, host Greg Miller asked if the upcoming 'Wolverine' game will be set in the same universe as the Marvel's Spider-Man games, to which he replied: "They're all 1048."

Quizzed on why Wolverine didn't appear in 'Marvel's Spider-Man 2', he said: "There was a decision not to do it… I think for us, we wanted to let that team cook, and who knows what the future holds, but right now, let's let them do their thing."

Insomniac’s Creative Director previously confirmed details about ‘Marvel’s Wolverine’ on Twitter, before it was renamed X.

One fan asked Brian Horton if the game will be a full-size game or a length similar to the studio’s ‘Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales’ game, and he responded that the title will indeed be a full-size game that will have a “mature tone.”

Despite ‘Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales’ often being hailed as one of the best PlayStation exclusive titles, lots of gamers have acknowledged the game’s short length, with many also pointing out the reuse of content and setting from the first Spider-Man game.

As a result, fans were left speculating if the upcoming ‘Wolverine’ title will follow suit, however, according to Horton’s reply, it seems that won’t be the case.

A Twitter user asked: “Is it a big or a “miles morales” size game” to which Horton responded: “Full size, mature tone”.

‘Marvel’s Wolverine’ was first announced during Sony’s PlayStation Showcase in 2021 when 'Marvel's Spider-Man 2' was also revealed.

The latter released on October 20, and is the fastest-selling PlayStation Studios title in Sony's history, toppling records by 'Marvel's Spider-Man' in 2018, 'The Last of Us Part I'I in 2020, and 'God of War Ragnarok' in 2022.

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