Mario takes on the minions of Bowser in this stellar fan film depicting what would happen if the contents of the Mushroom Kingdom were to leak out onto the real world.

John Huffnagle has just released this homemade movie on his YouTube account that depicts him going for a round of New Super Mario Bros. U. After his cellphone's alarm goes off telling him that it's time to go to work, he puts his Wiimote down, prepares to leave the house and start trekking to his nine-to-five. Little did this amateur filmmaker and 3D modeler/animator know that Mario wanted to continue his fight against the Koopas no matter what what.

As Huffnagle leaves, Mario jumps out of the screen and onto the coffee table of the actual living room, indicating that Mario has jumped into the real world. Mario starts running through the house, encountering many of his enemies that have also crossed over. The resulting animation that ensues is fantastic, especially considering that Huffnagle filmed and starred in the project completely by himself (except for the inclusion of a friend who drove a car into a massive Bullet Bill). Huffnagle even did the 3D modelling, rendering and animation himself. Bravo Mr. Huffnagle, Mario may have found a star in your living room, but we found our own in the form of an impressive fan film.