LittleBigPlanet continues its trend of tying in popular movies with its newest multimedia DLC— the Maleficent pack, which drops later this week.

Now you can deal with all the powers of Hell by dressing up as the dark mage herself, Maleficent, who looks every bit as ominous as her big-screen counterpart. Or, if you feel like being a little less menacing and a little more blonde, you can dress up as Maleficent's cursed sort-of sidekick, Aurora, who, in addition to a pile of new stickers, will also be available as part of the LittleBigPlanet Maleficent DLC pack.

Given the runaway success of the new 'Maleficent' film, which, thanks to a smash-bang combination of eye-popping special effects and Angelina's thespian chops, managed to earn over $700 million at the box office world-wide, it's no surprise to see Disney capitalizing on their popular property by branching out into other media. In addition to the Maleficent LittleBigPlanet DLC, you can also find the sorceress as a new addition to Disney Infinity this fall.

No mention was made as to whether or not Maleficent's huge cheekbones will be available for download as well.