Twenty titles are being discounted for the next week on the Xbox Live Marketplace, with more than fifteen games getting prices slashed by half.

The sales keeping flowing on Xbox Live, with another set of big titles like Mark of the Ninja, Castle Crashers, and Dust: An Elysian Tale seeing discounts. The Castle Crashers deal makes it the perfect time to pick up Behemoth's classic as well as the new Battleblock Theater, as having both unlocks special new characters in each game.

A great deal of the XBLA games on sale this week are from major events like Summer of Arcade or the Spring Showcase. If you missed out on any of those the first time around, or were just waiting for them to be slightly cheaper, now is the time to strike.

A full list of all the titles and their discounted prices can be found below. The deals are good until Monday, April 8th.

Forza Horizon December IGN Pack - $2.50 (200MSP)
Trials Evolution - $10 (800MSP)
Trials Evolution: Origin of Pain - $2.50 (200MSP)
Magic 2013 - $5 (400MSP)
Castle Crashers - $10 (800MSP)
Pinball FX2 Tables:
Marvel: Avengers Chronicles - $5 (400MSP)
Plants vs Zombies Table - $1.50 (120MSP)
Pinball FX Classic (Full) - $5 (400MSP)
Trials HD - $5 (400MSP)
A World of Keflings - $5 (400MSP)
Full House Poker - $5 (400MSP)
Hydro Thunder - $7.50 (600MSP)
Hydrophobia - $2.50 (200MSP)
Ilomilo - $5 (400MSP)
Dust: An Elysian Tail - $7.50 (600MSP)
Deadlight - $7.50 (600MSP)
Mark of the Ninja - $7.50 (600MSP)
Nike+ KT: Upper body and Core workout - $2.50 (200MSP)
Nike+ KT GonD - $29.99
Magic 2013 expansion pack - $2.50 (200MSP)