We're going back to 1980 to stop a government cover-up and reveal the truth in Majestic Knights.

This debut trailer for Majestic Nights is narrated by Samuel Jensen, the game's Lead Designer. The game is about corporate espionage, conspiracy theories, aliens and all sorts of kooky tales that people closely followed, especially in the '70s and '80s. You play as John Q. Cardholder, as he wanders the Whisky-A-Go-Go looking for information on a film maker whose name parodies Stanley Kubrick. A disgruntled bouncer tries to follow you through the dance club. Luckily, John is able to get free and get new info, which is a special drink order to give to the club's bartender, and results in him getting a key to the back areas of the club.

The second part of the trailer follows John trying to get through a group of guards, only to result in G-Men trying to stop him. Majestic's shooting mechanics definitely could use some work, especially when it comes to the enemies reacting to gunfire, but it's still a work in progress.

Season One of Majestic will debut later this month. Chapter Zero: Sunset After Dark, which is the prologue mini-chapter for Majestic, will launch for free within the next few weeks. Majsetic will launch for PC, Mac, iOS, Android and Kindle Fire. Season Two of Majestic will likely launch sometime in 2015, depending on the success of Season One.