Magicka: Wizards of the Square Tablet, a top-down fantasy hit on the PC from developer Paradox Interactive, will soon cast its way over to the iOS and Android universes. But unlike many ports, this spell-casting bonanza has made some big changes in its move to mobile.

Rather than the 3D world and overhead perspective of the original, the mobile version of Magicka will use a 2D art style and beat 'em up perspective. But aside from the visual changes, the lion's share of this game's spell book remains the same. Which is a good thing. This game is full of fresh, interesting new takes on classic fantasy gameplay elements.

In a departure from the traditional leveling-up mechanisms of most RPG games, you build up your wizard's skills by mixing together different elements, which combine into varied and sometimes surprising results.

The main reason for Paradox casting "disappear" on the top-down 3D experience of the PC title is that it wouldn't translate into the best experience for the user. Instead, they wanted to play up the strengths of a tablet environment, which meant rethinking things.

As for what the new game actually plays like, we will have to sit tight for a bit. How long? That's up to Paradox. Right now, the game is "coming soon" officially. But hopefully it will be ready for action sooner rather than later.

For now, we can check out the trailer below: