This impressive-looking gameplay trailer for Mad Max has us eager to take a hazardous, open world joyride through the Wasteland.

Max Rockatansky's ongoing quest for survival in the desolate Wasteland beyond the Thunderdome is showcased in this magnificent gameplay trailer for Mad Max, which is being developed by the Sweden-based developers at Avalanche Studios, who worked on the Just Cause series and Renegade Ops. We were rather skeptical at first, as most of the trailers we have seen for this game so far were focused on cutscenes. Since Mad Max: Fury Road is hitting theaters soon, we were also worried that this would just be another soulless, movie-based tie-in game, trying to leech off of the name's success — thank goodness we were wrong. Mad Max looks amazing, and we would be excited for this game regardless of the Tom Hardy movie coming.

Max has already lost his family, his car and his sanity. Now, he must continue his fight to survive the Wasteland. He can be seen eating dog food, scavenging scrap and fixing up his Magnum Opus survival vehicle with his mechanic. Unfortunately, raiders and looters are all intent on trying to steal the things that Max has and to make him dead. While ammo is scarce (remember he only had a couple of shotgun shells in the movie), there are still plenty of ways to kill the Wasteland's worst. Your car can be optimized for all-terrain use, running over bandits, protecting Max and hauling big scores. Max has an Arkham-esque fighting system in place. It also has a ton of customizable options so you can play the way you want, make the car you need and survive the way your version of Max should.

Move over Big Boss, Mad Max will launch on Sept. 1 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.