Max Rockatansky raises hell all throughout the Wasteland in a variety of ways during this "Choose Your Path" trailer for Mad Max.

This new trailer for Mad Max lets you choose your own methods of wreaking havoc based on certain situations. When Max goes to attack Scabrous Scrotus' convoys, he has the choices of going in heavy, loud or mad. Going Heavy shows what happens when you attack the convoy with a heavily armored vehicle that is meant to ram into other cars. Going loud puts you in a fire-blasting death machine that focuses on flamethrowers and explosives. Going mad has you in a bare bones car designed for speed, where your main weapons include your shotgun and harpoon.

After destroying the convoy, Max decides to attack an outpost, and you have the ability to attack from a distance, get up close or be creative with your siege. Attacking from a distance uses mortars and rifles in order to kill the raiders from afar. Up close has you and your mechanic using rockets to bring down the fortress' gate so Max can fight the raiders inside hand-to-hand. Being creative uses the harpoon gun to take down the enemy's fortifications. Let's just say all of these choices look very chaotic, but in a good way.

Mad Max will launch on Sept. 1 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Mad Max: Fury Road will also be launching for DVD and Blu-Ray on this day as well.

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