The Road Warrior spends an hour raising hell all across the nuclear wasteland in this impressive, hour-long video of Mad Max gameplay.

The developers at Avalanche recently played almost an hour and a half session of their upcoming open world action title, Mad Max (courtesy of GamesHQMedia). While this game is obviously inspired by George Miller's dystopian action film series of the same name, it's not an exact sequel or spin-off to the recent hit, Mad Mad: Fury Road. Nevertheless, there are aspects to both Max and the Wasteland that longtime fans are going to appreciate.

Mad Max consists of third-person action and offers you a ton of freedom. Max has his automobile mechanic with him as he travels, so you've always got a companion to help as you drive. While bullets are rare, they do significants amount of damage. Likewise, the harpoon lets you wreak all kinds of havoc in the world as well. You can fire a harpoon from your car in order to wrangle enemies and pull them to a deranged death. You can also pull down towers, gates and other major obstacles with the harpoon as well. You'll get to cruise along the plains of the Great White and fight off raiders en route to Gutgash. Better yet, you can trek across the Dead Barrens to rummage whatever food that you can. Gastown is also included, and it's just as dangerous as you'd expect. All the while, there are plenty of snipers, convoys, mines, raider encampments and survivors out there to interact with.

Mad Max will launch on Sept. 1 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Surprisingly, Mad Max: Fury Road will also be hitting the DVD and Blu-Ray formats on this day as well.

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