Spellsword and 1001 Attempts publisher Everplay have a new action-platformer coming down the pipe. The game is called Lumber Jacked and it pits two age-old enemies against one another: Lumberjacks and Beavers.

Now, if you're all like, "I'm a lumberjack and I'm okay" and have gone off to search for more information about this game, a word of warning. As of right now, searching around for more stuff concerning the phrase "lumber jacked" just might send you to a few of the more unsavory pages that the World Wide Web has to offer. Just keep that in mind. Now, back to the wood and uh, erm ... beavers.

In Lumber Jacked (perhaps it's a working title), you take control of Jack and must guide his plaid behind through a series of side-scrolling levels, fending off beavers and solving puzzles. The graphics look like something out of SNES-era Mario.

According to a post from Everplay on the Touch Arcade forums, Lumber Jack will be coming out on iOS sometime this month.