Mario's scaredy-cat brother will bring his ghostbustin' adventures to arcades this summer in the form of a first-person Luigi's Mansion game.

According to VideoGamer, Sega has announced that Luigi's Mansion will be launching in Japanese arcades just in time for the summer. Luigi's Mansion Arcade will feature first-person, ghost-vacuuming action as you control the green plumber's Poltergust equipment to reel in as many phantasms as you can. The arcade machine will feature a massive sit-in booth with what we expect is a small, replica Poltergust vacuum for you to aim at the 55 inch LCD screen. There appears to be a flashlight for you to use as well. In the Luigi's Mansion series, you would explore the haunted house with a flashlight and shine it on ghosts to surprise them before sucking them up with a vacuum. You'll likely be performing similar mechanics in a two-player setting -- who knows if there's going to be Toad, Professor E. Gadd or Mario himself acting as Luigi's companion in two-player mode.

While Luigi's Mansion Arcade is making its way to Japanese arcades this June, there is unfortunately no word on whether or not these machines will be shipped overseas. You better pick this one up, Dave & Buster's.