The official site for Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon states the upcoming Nintendo 3DS sequel will feature multiplayer of some sort.

Many gamers have been eagerly awaiting the follow-up to the Gamecube classic, Luigi's Mansion. Now that the 3DS successor is just a little over two months away, Nintendo has started hyping Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon's release. With the launch of the game's official web site, some new details about what to expect have arrived.

Aside from the standard new puzzles, new ways to capture ghosts, and new bosses, one big feature Nintendo has managed to keep under wraps has finally been revealed: Luigi's Mansion will have local multiplayer. There aren't any details on just what the multiplayer will entail yet, but if it's anything like the Luigi's Ghost House mini-game from Nintendoland on the Wii U, we'll be stoked.