Don't let the vibrant visuals and space bunnies fool you, Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime is a chaotic, fun and engaging co-op experience.

Asteroid Base's upcoming co-op title Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime is all about communication and managing a moving space station. It's up to you and a friend (or an AI-controlled partner) to run to the various areas of the space station and man its defenses, fire its weapons or steer it in a new direction. When there are all kinds of aliens and planet-sized monstrosities chasing you, you're going to have to be all over the place. Sometimes, both characters will have to leave the wheel in order to control the ship's defenses and weapons, as their control panels are distributed throughout the vessel. Communication is a must when you and your friend try to effectively maneuver your ship while fending off the threats of the galaxy.

“With Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime we had a goal to give gamers a true co-op experience where each person would always be involved in the action,” said Jamie Tucker, Co-Founder of Asteroid Base. “We believe the game’s fast-paced action and frenetic switching between the ship’s various controls creates not only a frantically fun environment, but also ensures players never have to wait on their companion in order to stay busy. That said, players still to need to maintain healthy communication or risk the possibility of turning lovers into old flames.”

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime will launch on the Xbox One and PC starting Sept. 9 for $14.99.

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