Lost Planet 3 may have been delayed, but at least we know what kind of pre-order goodies we'll see from different retailers.

To start things off, we have the pre-order bonuses from GameStop, which is called the Freedom Fighter Pack. This pack includes five characters for players to use in the multiplayer portion of the game and includes the following:

  • Grace Peyton - Jim Peyton's wife who proves that behind every strong man is an even stronger woman.
  • Phil Braddock - Head of the NEVEC crew and is in charge of the Coronis base on E.D.N. 3.
  • Jenette Diaz, the Lost Contractor - A rig pilot who hooks up with the Coronis crew but then went missing.
  • LP1 Gale Holden - The protagonist's father, appearing in his Lost Planet look.
  • Hunk - That's right, it's Hunk from the Resident Evil series. Who doesn't love a good cross-over appearance?

The Freedom Fighter Pack also comes with some Rig Upgrades in the form of a Pressurized Claw and a Tungsten Carbide Drill that raise the strength, crushing power, and damage of your rig by 25%. These Rig Upgrades can be found in all of the pre-order packs offered by the different retailers.

Amazon offers the Punisher Pack, which includes three weapons and some Rig Upgrades. The following weapons in the pack are:

  • The Incinerator (Particle Thrower Variant) - This variant has better range and hits harder, but at the cost of accuracy and increased overheating. But hey, it can light your foes on fire.
  • NEVEC Punisher (Pulse Rifle) - It's a pulse rifle that shoots rapid bursts of fire. How can you go wrong?
  • Spit-Fire (Grenade Launcher Variant) - Instead of grenades, this modified launchers shoots out Fire Wasp projectiles that have areas of effect.
And finally, Best Buy offers the Assault Pack, which comes with three guns that maximize damage output. Included in this pack are:
  • Assault Shotgun - A semi-automatic shotgun from the kind folks at NEVEC.
  • Customized Pneumatic Injector Gun - A variant of the Pneumatic Injector Gun with a slower fire rate and less rounds, but has higher damage.
  • Destructeur ( LaRoche's Assault Rifle) - An assault rifle with a slower fire rate but with higher damage.
You can see all of these packs in action in the videos below. And since Lost Planet 3 has been delayed until August, you'll have plenty of time to decide which retailer deserves your pre-order!
Let us know what you decide in the comments section!

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