The Dark Souls-inspired Lords of the Fallen is getting a major piece of DLC next week in the form of the 'Ancient Labyrinth.'

With its David Cronenberg-inspired, otherworldly visuals and solid combat system, we have been jonesing for more Lords of the Fallen content for quite sometime. Luckily, CI Games has answered the call with its upcoming 'Ancient Labyrinth' expansion. You'll be able to hack-and-slash your way through some demonic dungeons as you venture through a long-forgotten library. Don't expect any light reading here, as there will be all kinds of dark challenges that will test your mettle (and your sword and shield's metal as well). Lords of the Fallen caters to fans of the Dark Souls series, and this DLC will certainly continue in its footsteps.

The impressive trailer that CI games has posted starts off with a warrior wearing bad ass armor walking towards a magical gateway. Beyond this door is a physics-bending realm where all sorts of phantasms and nefarious foes will do their best to make you as dead as they are. We're loved Lords of the Fallen's visuals and its impressive character designs, and the 'Ancient Labyrinth' brings some of the most wicked-looking monsters the game has seen yet.

The 'Ancient Labyrinth' DLC for Lords of the Fallen will launch on March 3 for PC (via Steam) and Xbox One. PlayStation 4 owners will have to wait until the next day for this DLC.