Back in 2005, major waves were made when EA announced a game development partnership with director Steven Spielberg. Sadly, only one of the concepts created by this tag team ever came to fruition.

At the start of the partnership, EA teased several different titles were in the early stages of development. Two of these mystery games, LMNO and PQRS, made it far enough that teams were actively working on the games through 2008. PQRS went on to become Boom Blox, the family-friendly Wii game, which also earned a sequel, Boom Blox Party.

LMNO was far different from Boom Blox, and was hyped by EA with tagline, "Can a computer game make you cry?" The teaser was designed around the idea that LMNO would be an action-adventure game with a heavy emotional aspect with regards to the player being attached to one of the protagonists. While some time would pass before more details on LMNO were ever released, what Spielberg and EA had in mind would have beat similar modern adventure games like Heavy Rain to the punch.

Unfortunately, before anyone could ever get eyes on LMNO, let alone hands on, EA pulled the plug. Based on details released years after EA had canceled LMNO, the development team was striving to do too much, and the game was much more ambitious than it was practical to develop. All that exists now is a brief bit of conceptual footage and a handful of concept art. While it never came out, LMNO made it much farther than the third game in the Spielberg/EA deal, which never even went beyond the vague contractual obligation for a third game to be created.

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