While Goldeneye 64 has been the most revered and remembered James Bond video game of the last two decades, there have been numerous other 007 adventures in the gaming world. However, one of Bond's last great stories never saw the light of day. What ever happened to James Bond 007: Risico?

After Casino Royale revitalized the James Bond film franchise, EA attempted to get a new 007 game off the ground while it still held the license. Once the publisher realized the game wouldn't be ready in time to capitalize on the film's release, EA let the license lapse, which allowed Activision to swoop in to save Bond's video game future.

In 2008, Activision released the first of its Bond games, Quantum of Solace, which incorporated a bit of Casino Royale's story as well. Not content to wait for another movie to arrive, Activision put its license to use, and released Blood Stone in 2010. Picking up a few years after the events of Quantum of Solace, Blood Stone pit Bond against a new criminal organization and ended on a fairly big cliffhanger. Fans expected another game was in the works, but none ever arrived.

However, there was a follow-up in development. Raven Software was tasked with bringing the new Bond game to life, and would base its entry on one of the last remaining stories from Sir Ian Flemming, Risico. Sadly, only concept footage of James Bond 007: Risico exists, as Raven was called away to help create multiplayer content for Call of Duty: Black Ops, and never returned to the series. While Activision did release two more Bond games, neither was very impressive, and both relied on revisiting older, established Bond franchises.

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