Just a mere week ahead of Sony's anticipated press conference, Media Molecule has started teasing a mysterious new game.

Developers of LittleBigPlanet and the upcoming Tearaway, Media Molecule has been synonymous with the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita for the past few years. It's probably not coincidence then that the developer is hyping up a new unannounced video game so close to when Sony is expected to debut its next generation console on Feb. 20th.

On Media Molecule's site, the developers keep things cryptic to prevent anyone from being able to decipher its plans. "What are we doing right now? Well, that’d be telling. Suffice to say, we are very hard at work making games," the developer's site reads. "Even as you read this very sentence, we’re typing furiously, having meetings, writing crazy algorithms, painting pixels and drawing up schedules. Not to hype it up or anything, but literally everything we do right now is shrouded in secrecy."

Whatever the group is planning, at least we won't have to wait much longer to see what's in store.