Man, Japan's really getting a lot of cool limited edition PlayStation 4 consoles. First there was the Frozen model and now we have The Last of Us and Destiny models coming.

According to VG247, Sony Japan is pumping out some more limited edition PlayStation 4 models that feature art from The Last of Us and Destiny etched into the HDD bay covers.

The Last of Us model will come with the game and runs for 47,980 yen ($473 USD), and comes in black, with Joel and Ellie's faces etched on the left side of the HDD bay cover, complete with the game's logo. It's got a sleek, noir look that kind of fits with the game's somber tone and bleak aesthetics.

The Destiny model, by contrast, comes in white with the Destiny logo etched across the HDD bay cover. This design gives the PlayStation 4 a more futuristic look, which is in line with the game's concept. This model also comes with a copy of the game and sells for 46,980 yen ($463 USD).

Peep the photos below and let us know which one appeals to you!