Looks like Sony's still not able to let it go and can't conceal their feels, because Japan is getting a limited edition 'Frozen' PlayStation 4.

One must never underestimate the drawing power of the House of Mouse and its pantheon of Princesses. According to Gematsu, Sony is releasing the limited edition 'Frozen' PlayStation 4 console in Japan on July 16 for a total of 42,980 yen (approx. $424 USD).

Now, there's now reason given regarding why a 'Frozen' PlayStation 4 was created, but one can only imagine it's because of the film's incredible popularity and the fact that the song "Let It Go" has been wonderfully infecting the minds and ears of most of the earth's population since the movie premiered.

The 'Frozen' PlayStation 4 will include a 500GB hard drive and come in jet black, with a nifty laser engraving of Princess Anna and Queen Else on the HDD bay cover. You can follow this link to let your credit card go and purchase it here.