Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 has let loose with a new set of screenshots and art that highlight the Luxerion and Dead Dunes areas.

We've already seen a bit of the Dead Dunes area, but now more screenshots and concept art have come out, giving us a look at some cool interior shots and character interactions. Also, there are some other pictures of Lightning practicing her range of expressions while dealing with other people and monsters. Truly, she is a master of keeping her emotions in check.

While the screenshots might be impressive, we're more excited to see the concept art and all of the work that went into building this world. The monument outside of the Luxerion station, for example, is explained in detail in one of the pieces of concept art. It will be more exciting to see these ideas realized in the game proper.

No set release date has been announced, but we'll be joining Lightning on her adventures once more on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

What do you think of the screenshots? Excited for more of Lightning ? Let us know!