News came out recently that LEGO Marvel Super Heroes would be getting a video game! Now there's a brief video, courtesy of Game Informer, showing how Traveler's Tales is bringing us the goods.

The video is a short and sweet look at the developers plans for the title and how they want to make an even better LEGO game. They thought that a LEGO Marvel game would never happen, but now that it is, they're hard at work to make a cohesive experience. They had to decide which characters to put in and what the focus of the story would be.

"Do we make a video game of the Avengers? As a designer, you try to analyze what you want to make, what you think people are going to want to play," said a member of the development team, "But also, you've got the X-Men, you've got Spider-Man ... who's not going to want to fight Galactus? It would be awesome!"

One of the highlights of the video is seeing LEGO Hulk in action, which is one of the biggest playable characters that Traveler's Tales has ever worked on, even though they had experience making large characters with the Troll in Harry Potter. Seeing the big lug jump around with a real sense of weight and power is pretty cool, especially because he's in LEGO form. Catch the video below and let us know if you're excited to play this game when it drops in Fall 2013!