It's time to blast "Bad Boys" by Inner Circle, because this leaked footage of Battlefield: Hardline showcases one of the funnest games of cops vs. robbers that anyone could ever play.

Much to EA and Visceral Games' chagrin, a seven-minute-long concept video of Battlefield: Hardline (which refers to the title as "Omaha") has been leaked online and summarizes all of the major details going into this innovative shooter. This footage describes all of the features and changes being put into Battlefield: Hardline, proving that it is not just some sort of annual, rehashed version of Battlefield 4 with new locations and a few new guns. Instead, Hardline completely revamps the series' overall experience, moving it into the television and movie-friendly backdrop of cops vs. robbers, while still adhering to the extreme, addictive gameplay of the Battlefield franchise. Just the single-player campaign footage alone feels like an amazing tribute to the multitude of action and drama-based crime shows on television.

The leaked video shows off both the single-player and multiplayer game modes. Similar to Battlefield 4's style of massive, open maps and variety of vehicles, first-person shooter enthusiasts are going to love Battlefield: Hardline's online multiplayer. The narrator describes some of the game's online modes. Blood Money will have two groups fighting over a massive pile of cash who must try to return it to their own base. Rescue mode features a squad of SWAT members trying to save hostages from a group of terrorists, similar to Counter-Strike. In Heist, a group of thieves must break into a bank, score as much cash as they can and escape the ongoing pursuit of the police until they reach their safehouse.

The major difference that sets Hardline apart from its cohorts is that the equipment used will truly change the playing field. Tired of that sniper perched up high? You can throw a grappling hook onto the roof and scale the building from a side the sniper wasn't expecting and knife him yourself (or you can zip-line from an even higher location). Cop cars, motorcycles, helicopters, planes and many other vehicles used by both criminals and law enforcement are included in Hardline's multiplayer. Finally, using a taser seems to be the ultimate insult you could do in order to incapacitate a guy armed with an assault rifle.

Battlefield: Hardline is likely to come out towards the end of 2014 for PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One, but nothing is set in stone until EA's official unveiling of Battlefield: Hardline on June 9 at E3.

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