Update: EA has launched the official Battlefield: Hardline website. More game art is available on the page, as is news the spin-off will be announced officially on June 9 during EA's E3 press conference. Stay tuned for more as E3 approaches.


Be prepared for the most intense game of cops and robbers you ever played that wasn't a part of the Grand Theft Auto series.

Eurogamer reports that a new Battlefield title, which is supposedly called Battlefield: Hardline, has been found by users on Battlelog, the game's official website. Hardline was discovered after a recent update to the website and will apparently be done with an overall theme of police versus thieves. The game is being developed at Dead Space studio Visceral Games, which is also doing the secret Star Wars project with Uncharted director/writer Amy Hennig at the helm. Visceral was supposedly working on this Battlefield title using the internal code-name of Havana.

Battlefield: Hardline was spotted on EA's server today with the provided logo and zoomed-out picture of war zone deep within a city. A set of icons labelled "BFH" indicate that the game is being released for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. The Twitter account Battlefield Daily has spotted multiple lists of in-game awards for project Havana.

The Battlelog update actually broke the site's emblem creator, which was mainly due to DICE removing an icon named "Visceralskull." Based on some of the new additions to the website (that have yet to formally go up), there is going to be a beta for Hardline, which provides some details as to the game itself. Instead of Battlefield 4's Assault, Support, Recon and Engineer classes, Battlefield: Hardline's classes will be the Enforcer, Mechanic, Operator and Professional. Also, some of the multiplayer game modes in Hardline include Bomb Squad, Carrier Assault and Blood Money. Since EA has decided not to release another Need for Speed title this year, Ghost Games has been also assigned to help Visceral Games with working on project Havana.

We expect that Battlefield: Hardline will be officially announced at EA's E3 press conference next month. Eurogamer claims that EA has left an empty, mystery spot open in the middle of its 2014 release schedule for an unannounced game, which is likely to be Hardline.