League of Legends has a new champion out and this time she's some kind of... weird mutant bug Queen thing?

Rek'Sai is the Queen of the Xer'Sai and when we say Queen we mean she's the biggest mama jabba around. It's fitting that her abilities be a little challenging to overcome since, in her natural habitat, if she sees you, there's no controlling her.

To get into her abilities, you need to remember one thing: her 'W' ability rules all. Her entire kit revolves around whether she is burrowed or above ground. However, so that this isn't too confusing, we're going to start off with her passive. Her passive is "Fury of the Xer'Sai" and it works kind of like Tryndamere's--the more damage she does, the more fury she gains. We'll talk about what she can use her fury on later on.

Her first ability -- her 'Q' skill -- is called "Queen's Wrath" when above ground and allows her next three basic attacks to do bonus AOE damage. Since her fury procs based on every enemy that she hits, which basically means Fury of the Xer'Sai plus Queen's Wrath equals a full fury bar. When burrowed, her 'Q' skill is "Prey Seeker" which launches some "void-charged earth" in a straight line in front of her and reveals enemies hit.

Arguably most important ability is her 'W' skill -- "Burrow/Un-burrow," which is relatively self-explanatory. If she's not burrowed, she burrows; if she is burrowed, she un-burrows. However, when she un-burrows, she does AOE damage and applies a knock-up to nearby enemies (the knock up gets higher if she's directly under the enemy). There are a few things to note about this skill such as, when she's burrowed, she can still be hit by enemies and is still visible, she gains movement speed, her vision is drastically reduced (although she can see moving enemies around her by little tremors that show up on the field), and her fury is finally useful. To explain, when she is buried, her fury will be eaten up because she will be able to heal off it.

Next up is her 'E' ability -- "Furious Bite" when un-borrowed. This move allows her to bite her enemy which increases in damage depending on the amount of fury she has built up. At max fury, her bite damage turns into true damage. When burrowed, her 'E' ability is "Tunnel" and allows her to create a short-distanced tunnel from one point to the next. She can later revisit these tunnels for an easy escape from the enemy, but while within them she cannot use her abilities (besides smite, because reasons).

Finally, her ultimate. or "R" ability, is "Void Rush." After casting for a brief amount of time, Void Rush will cause Rek'Sai to tunnel underground and pop up at whatever tunnel exit or entrance she chooses. It doesn't matter how far away the tunnel is, it will always take her the same amount of time to get there. While she can take no damage while tunneling, if she so much as gets auto-attacked while channeling, it will cancel the channel.

So, get ready to wreck some bronzies with Rek'Sai, now available on League of Legends.

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