It's no surprise that Riot Games has taken the world by storm with the incredibly popular MOBA League of Legends, but the numbers that were produced from its Worlds 2014 Championship are still pretty astounding.

Throughout fifteen days of competition, with over 100 hours of live content through forty broadcast partners in nineteen languages, Riot has been hard at work calculating the numbers for its recently concluded Worlds Championships. Overall, Riot reported 288 million unique impressions per day. What that means is that Riot didn't count the repeat offenders--people who would tune in multiple times throughout the day to watch the championships--instead, it only counted each person once. This totals up to 179 million hours of eSports watched which beats its previous year's time by 109 million hours. That's pretty damn significant.

Almost everything else about the championships were increased from last year as well. During the final match, 11.2 million viewers were watching, at its peak, which is compared to the previous year's 8.7 million. The average online view time this year was 67 minutes which was well above last year's 42 minutes. The only thing that seemed to drop was the amount of people watching the finals which dropped to 27 million from last year's 32 million. So less people tuned in, but they watched for significantly more time.

Overall, this isn't just a big step for Riot Games and League of Legends, but it's also a pretty significant step for eSports which continues to stay on the rise.

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