Get ready for another version of Konami's Dance Dance Revolution series that will have your fingers dancing across your mobile device. Titled DDR Dance Wars, this new game for iOS arrives today, adding to the growing number of titles based on the hit arcade franchise.

Even though you won't be sweating it out like you would be in an arcade version of the game, this series makes for a great mobile title. The timed tapping of DDR games are some of the best you can find.

As the title might suggest, the Dance Wars element of these games come in the form of the ability to compete against other people in the form of a Dance Battle. You can pair up with friends to take on other groups of people. That's a lot of people to organize in order to take advantage of this. But there will likely be an easy way to get grouped up with people who want to tap it out.

If you want to give the free-to-play title a try, you can find it in the App Store right now! Click through to download it today for your iPhone.