Konami has confirmed it is on the hunt for a new in-house ‘Silent Hill’ development squad with “maniacal sensibilities”.

Called ‘The Silent Production Team’, the company has stated “Konami Digital Entertainment Co, Ltd is looking for game creators who can participate in large-scale projects that will play a central role in the future game business, such as the development of high-end games on multiple platforms”.

Konami’s career page added: “‘The Silent Production Team’ is recruiting artists, planners, engineers, and project managers.

“Please join us in this work, which has many fans overseas! A chance to be involved in game production in a cutting-edge development environment.”

As part of a question and answer session with existing team members, the listing goes on to explain “the ‘Silent Hill’ production team has many people who like action games and horror games, as well as people who like foreign dramas and movies that deal with serious themes, so those people will be able to work on a work that is very compatible with them”.

It added about its perfect candidates: “Even those who like works with a heavy atmosphere and heavy themes will be able to fully unleash their maniacal sensibilities.”

The website also confirmed three titles are currently in production, including a remake of the psychological horror ‘Silent Hill 2’.

But all the confirmed ‘Silent Hill’ titles are currently being developed by external studios.

‘Silent Hill 2’ is being led by the Bloober Team while ‘Silent Hill Townfall’ is being created by Annapurna Interactive – and ‘Silent Hill F’ is coming via NeoBards Entertainment.

It remains to be seen what role ‘The Silent Production Team’ will be within the franchise, but Konami’s third quarter results may have hinted at further remakes of the title.

Meanwhile, the recently released mobile game ‘Silent Hill: Ascension’ has been criticised for having a paid season pass that allows players to influence the story.

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